COSMETIC VALLEY organizes cosmetic experience

COSMETIC VALLEY organizes cosmetic experience

In the framework of ACTT4Cosmetics project, partners will organize initiatives to involve citizens, consumers and pupils to enhance their awereness about the cosmetics industry.

COSMETIC VALLEY organizes The Cosmetic Experience Tour that took place in Tours on 7 November 2023. It's a travelling, experiential and innovative event for discovering and testing out the trades.

Comprising an enhanced booklet, a mobile application and a web-based information platform,COSMETIC EXPERIENCE is designed to help secondary school pupils and young adults looking for work or training to discover the perfume and cosmetics industry through fun and games.

More than 500 visitors were accompanied by our animators to discover the industry, its professions and to project themselves in their orientation. 

In a space dedicated to experimentation, 5 workshops were held, each lasting around 20 minutes and all at once educational, participative and fun. The facilitator of each workshop presents a problem in the cosmetics industry. The audience, made up of around thirty participants, had to respond by trying their hand at tasks related to the industry's professions. The first workshop presents the industry and the product manufacturing process. The other four workshops focus on the key jobs in the industry that are currently in short supply: line operator, maintenance technician, packaging project manager, formulator, etc.

For more information check out the official website (in french)