European cosmetics meet in Crema for the first Steering Committee

European cosmetics meet in Crema for the first Steering Committee

A delegation of ACTT4Cosmetics partners visited Crema on the occasion of the First Steering Committee. Worth 3.6 million euros, co-funded by the European Union in the context of the Horizon Europe program, the project is composed of a consortium of 8 partners: Cosmetic Valley (FR), Centre-Val de Loire Region (FR), Dev'up Centre-Val de Loire (FR), REI-Reindustria Innovazione (IT),  Politecnico di Milano (IT), AEBB (PT), HPRD - Health Products Research And Development Lda (PT), University of LifeScience Lublin (PL), and two associated partners, Cosmetic perfumery association of Ukraine (Ukraine), North West region economic development agency (Romania).  

The project, launched in May 2023 and which will continue for the next five years, has the dual objective of promoting collaboration between European innovation ecosystems in the field of cosmetics and encouraging the diffusion of collaborative innovation among its actors to address the main challenges of the sector, while responding to local and European policies.  

ACTT4Cosmetics aims to develop a program of joint actions to develop 14 innovative solutions in the field of green, digital transition, accompanied by activities for consumer engagement, raising awareness, lobbying actions towards institutions and policy makers with the aim of greater recognition of the sector.  

This project was developed within the European interregional partnership Go4Cosmetics, created to make the voice of the cosmetics industry heard on a European scale and promote innovation; launched in 2021 by the Centre-Val de Loire (France) and Lombardy (Italy) regions, with the support of Cosmetic Valley and REI – Reindustria Innovazione, the partnership has been recognized by the European Commission. The network has expanded considerably in one year: there are already ten regions in Europe that prioritise cosmetics to invest in training, skills, innovation and industry. 

The partnership will have the opportunity to visit two important cosmetics plants and dialogue with entrepreneurs on the issues of interest of the project, and also to participate in the Polo Innovation Day, the appointment in Crema dedicated to the Italian and international cosmetic production chain

In 2022, European Union represents the second largest cosmetics markets in the world (88 billion € revenue), after the USA (97 billion € revenue), for 3 million jobs. .