Twin transition intervention in cosmetic industry

Twin transition intervention in cosmetic industry

ACTT4Cosmetics - Improve Interconnected innovation ecosystems supporting Actions for Citizen awareness and Twin Transition in the entire cosmetic value chain, has the aim to boost collaboration between European cosmetic ecosystems and encourage the deployment of collaborative innovation to meet the major challenges of Green, Digital and Societal transitions. 

The Twin Transition is gaining increasing relevance in the manufacturing sector as it strives to implement and exploit digital technologies to improve the Environmental Sustainability of companies. This topic holds particular relevance in the Cosmetic Industry. However, cosmetics companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises, encounter challenges in effectively implementing digital technologies. This results in a substantial gap between the theoretical potential of the Twin Transition and the practical implementations.

The partnership - in the context of ACTT4Cosmetcs project - has developed a survey to obtain a comprehensive mapping of the state of the art of twin transition in cosmetic industry.

Thanks to this survey, the aim is to identify main areas of actions for the cosmetic industry to develop innovative proposals for the sector.

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